Any additional information or comment that would help us to service you better.Now You can provide some suggestion to us.

Title: 2017/11/20 23:03:08
Title: 2015-08-13T18:07:06.859-07:00
fast delivery, resonable prices, good food mmmmmm.
Title: David2/4/2015 9:06:42 AM
do you serve beer at the resturaunt or can you BYOB TO DRINK WHILE YOU EAT
Title: Hours2/28/2013 6:53:58 PM
We're going to be attending the Eric Clapton concert at the Consol Energy Center on Saturday, April 6th. We would like to have a late dinner at your restaurant, and were wondering if you plan on staying open past the normal closing hour of 11pm that night.
Title: so good i can get you free advertising2/17/2012 11:05:25 AM
Hello,I am a multimedia specialist for the Pittsburgh post gazette and We are right now finding local businesses that have something unique about them for our PG daily Deals. These are similar to group on and living social but we are above our competitors in many ways. we would love to build awareness of your business in the Pittsburgh Area. We are working with other restaurants and would love to do something with you.What is a PG daily deal? It is a special offer to the public would run for 24 hours offering a voucher for 50 or more off of goods and services. Our website (which receives 40 million hits per month) and our circulation of 300 thousand will be the driving force behind this campaign. We will also be sending emails to our database of over 30 thousand addresses along with text messages to cell phones. This is a deal for 9,000 dollars of advertisements! The best thing about the advertisements, it is a multimedia special. You will get print (in the inside of the first page of the paper), online, mobile, email blasts, social networking and the best part the advertisement is done at no cost to you. We split in your favor. It can just be a voucher saying they spend 15 dollars and it is worth like 30.00 (just an example) The way we like to think about it is it is like a coupon. Because people have a coupon they are more likely to spend more money. Studies show people with coupons are more likely to overspend than people without. People will also bring their friends or refer their loved ones. This will attract the clients that would not have come to your business originally. I truly believe that your business would be excellent for a deal like this. Another way we differ is only your ad would run, For those 24 hours, you will get all the attention. Your business would not have to compete with any other businesses for the Spotlight. We also pay out faster than the other companies. With us, you get the money upfront and the first half a week after you run and then the other half within 30 days! If the voucher isn’t used, then you still get paid! We can put limits of one per group and expiration dates if that is at all a concern. The best part of this package is there is no money up front from you, it’s all profit. If it doesn’t sell, then you got 9,000 dollars worth of advertising for FREE. I have attached a PDF that also explains the PG Daily Deals package. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. If we can book you by Feb 29th then We can offer you a better revenue split! Please give me a call for more informationAdvertising for free:Your FREE advertising (you will not pay anything to us for any of the advertising, no mater what)Print (a 21 inch ad on page a-2 of the paper) 300,000 in circulation alone, not including the people that just buy the paper individually Online, 2 box ads on the main homepage which is the home for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 180,000 unique viewers Social Media- Facebook, twitter and You tube will be posted and shared all over the Pittsburgh area Pg TV- Located in Crazy mocha, 7-11, Sheetz and some Wendys. An ad will loop every 5 minutes for 24 hours on over 200 screens email last- over 60,000 that signed up and growing text blast- over 2,500 that signed up and growing Marketing- We have promo codes (comes out of our end) QR codes, a street team and more! Affiliates- we work with other online sites to bring you more attention and use their viewers to promote your business I am currently working on the months of March/April. All else fails you just reserve the date and then build the deal later
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