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Title: 2018/7/6 20:10:01
Only had 1 hour for lunch. Don't go there and expect to be waited on right away.
Title: 2018/7/6 20:07:45
Yeah I know. I never got waited on either. Went to Fridays across the street!
Title: 2018/7/6 20:04:48
Came there for lunch today. It was my first time there. Lady behind counter never came to wait on me even after she told me one minute. I guess phone orders were more important. Waited 15 minutes and walked out. Will never go there again. Went to Mandarin Gourmet where service and delivery of my order was fast. I could even see what I was eating. China Wok was dark and gloomy.
Title: 2018/1/1 9:42:46
I may like to order for 21 Vegetable Fried rice small and 35 Vegetabl Lo Mein small. I am at Tower Rseidence. You ask of Emmanuel Peter. I will be at the reception waiting
Title: 2017/11/20 23:03:08
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