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Title: 2018/8/3 22:13:44
Hey there, Not sure if you knew this but your website has some problems that you might want to consider looking into. I spent 2-3 minutes looking around and found: - It doesn't work well on mobile phones, at all (which is how most people browse the web these days) - It doesn't adjust properly when you resize the screen - It's hard to read on new monitors - It looks really, really outdated compared to some of your competitors We figured to reach out and let you know there's serious room for dead-easy (and affordable) improvement. We can increase Sales, Engagement, Conversions and more through our design and UX strategies to keep your audience engaged and on your site longer! Is that something you'd be interested in? For more information about our company please visit Best Regards Gaurav Sharma Business Development Mobile- (512) 410-4741 Skype- elitewebtechnologies
Title: 2018/7/6 20:10:01
Only had 1 hour for lunch. Don't go there and expect to be waited on right away.
Title: 2018/7/6 20:07:45
Yeah I know. I never got waited on either. Went to Fridays across the street!
Title: 2018/7/6 20:04:48
Came there for lunch today. It was my first time there. Lady behind counter never came to wait on me even after she told me one minute. I guess phone orders were more important. Waited 15 minutes and walked out. Will never go there again. Went to Mandarin Gourmet where service and delivery of my order was fast. I could even see what I was eating. China Wok was dark and gloomy.
Title: 2018/1/1 9:42:46
I may like to order for 21 Vegetable Fried rice small and 35 Vegetabl Lo Mein small. I am at Tower Rseidence. You ask of Emmanuel Peter. I will be at the reception waiting
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